Saturday, April 23, 2011


I often wonder how societies become corrupt. What are the circumstances that lead us to become corrupt. Is it a bad thing to become corrupt? In my view corruption is neither good nor bad. Its just a phenomenon which just happens with our thought process. It can happen knowingly or unknowingly. I can't think of any easy way out to safeguard our thought process from getting corrupt. To find short cuts to reach destination, people have always been innovating different methods. So called corruption is also one of them. At best it can be prevented and highly unlikely to be cured from any system. Man or for that all animals have been stealing each others' food for ever. Its part of our biology. One to one process can never be controlled. Its only by joining hands that process of loot can be controlled. Making law is one thing, implementing is another. Unless people join hands in implementing the accepted laws, there is no way one can implement them.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

India the strongest nation on Earth

India is often called weak or soft nation which bends backward under any pressure. However, historical facts speek otherwise. India has been the home to maximum number of refusees in history to best of my knowledge. Jews lived in India happily for 1000s of years without fear. parsies when tortured in Iran, moved over to India and got all the respect and support till this day. Tibetians moved to India in large numbers along with Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama not only lives in India but runs his government in exile. While people like Obama refuse to meet Dalai Lama, its India which has stood all the pressure. In 1971 millions of Bangladeshis moved to India when they were being killed by their fellow muslims in East Pakistan. Who says India is weak?

Friday, July 24, 2009

President Obama and his call to Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley.

Cambridge police arrested Prof. Gates a black professor of Afro-American history at his home on some flimsy grounds. Incident made headlines all over USA. President Obama called the arrest stupidity of Cambridge police. It seems all hell broke loose in police line after these remarks of president. Entire police force got united against President Obama and ask for his apology. In my view the president calling police stupid was taken of his supporting a black fellow citizen. All news papers started reporting the threats coming from police. It did not take 24 hrs for the president to call the Sergeant James Crowley and literally express regrets for his comment.
What does this reflect on the conduct of police ? Not a very healthy sign for the authority of President Obama. I have strong feeling that president climbed down to save the situation from spreading into a communal flare up. I wonder if a white president would have done the same thing? I don't think so. I am sure this single incident has made president very weak and this is like to affect his decision making capacity. Not a very good sign for American democracy in my view.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Indian defence exports

India still imports about 70% of its defence equipments. Till date we don't produce our own fighter jets and many other essential equipments. As mentioned by our Defence Minister Mr Antony, this is not only shameful but dangerous. We hardly export defence equipments. So much about the dark side of our defence story. Let us now look at the brighter side. We have a large population and there is no shortage of young people ready to join the defence services. Many European nations and Americans are having difficulty in recruiting people for defence services. This is where we can join hands with friendly countries. Our young people should be allowed to join the armed forces of the countries with whom we have deeper defence relations. This will lead to a two way cooperation and the dependence will be mutual. Chances of one blackmailing another will be much less. Government of India should think over seriously about this and work at diplomatic level to ensure that our young people can join American and some european and possibly even Japanese armed forces.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mayawati: Sahazadi of Lucknow

There is something very special in the air of Lucknow. Nawabs have long gone but Nawabiyat remains. Like infection it spreads everywhere. Latest victim is Ms Mayawati or I should call her Sahazadi Mayawati of Lucknow. Scale at which she is building the monuments, were possible only during Mughal period or to a lesser sacle during the period of Nawabs of Lucknow. Like Mughals and Nawabs were least bothered about the welfare of masses, our beloved Sahazadi too has little interest in the welfare. Monument coming by the side of River Yamuna in Noida is really massive. It seems Sahazadi wants to send the message through Yamuna to Taj Mahal. As if Black commandos were not enough to protect t Sahazadi, Khaki Commandos will be protecting all her statues. Sabazadi has taken lessons from Taj tourism and wants to add her own bits to the tourism industry of Lucknow kingdom. Who says Nawabs have gone from Lucknow.
Sahazadi has very high hopes of sitting on the throne of Delhi. It seems her Vazirs have not briefed her about the condition of roads from her kingdom to Delhi which are all full of potholes and crowded with slow moving traffic. No wonder Sahazadi is purchasing a special jet to bypass the roads.
Times of Mughals, Nawabs and Sahzadi forces me to go back and look into history of the fate of such rulers and the public. When Mughals were building Taj Mahal, Europeans were busy in scientific research. Newton did all his scientific work when Aurangzeb was invading and fighting wars. Our beloved Sahzadi is no different. When all states are developing their educational and research institutions, our beloved Sahazadi is busy paiting Lucknow blue and eracting her own statues. Fate of our Sahazadi and the kingdom won't be any different than those of Mughals and Nawabs. People of Uttar Pradesh will suffer like people of India in post Mughal period.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oba (Ma) yawati and Blue Colour

History has been just written in USA where an African American has made to the white house. He has been able to paint majority of Americans with blue colour. Will we see the same happening in India where Mayawati and her blue colour will outplace all other colours? Similarities are striking ? However, I am not sure if Ms Mayawati has the same charisma and capablity of painting whole India in blue.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Muslim Prime Minister of India

Will India ever have a Muslim Prime Minister? This can certainly happen if there a clever, intelligent Muslim man/ woman who feels for India and the Indians. What is happening in USA, should be a lesson for minorities everywhere in the world. To some extent India has already shown to the world that being a minority does not come in the way to reach the top post. Sikhs a hardly constitute 2% of the population in India and we have a Sikh PM. Indians have no problem in accepting Mr. Advani as future PM, though Sindhis are in absolute minority in India. Will Indian Muslims rise to the occasion and project a leader who can rule Indian hearts and become not only the PM of India but address Muslim problems all over the world? I am sure this is possible.